Top 10 Best Gatsby.Js Starters or Themes You’ll Start using Right Away

Top 10 Best Gatsby.Js Starters or Themes You’ll Start using Right Away

Top 10 Best Gatsby.Js Starters or Themes You'll Start using Right Away


Gatsby.Js is a free and open-source Static Site Generator based on React and makes use of GraphQL to generate blazing fast, unique and best static site on the internet. Developers are more into Gatsby because of its features and Gatsby has a big community with around 1800+ developers.

Gatsby is one of the leading Static Site Generators. Gatsby was founded in 2015 and the graph is always leading because of its features.

Gatsby graph

There are many Static Site Generators on the internet but Gatsby is the leading Site Generator. With the help of Gatsby, you can build a Seo friendly, responsive, material design website and there are many Starters or themes to get started. You can build an E-Commerce website, business website or a blog. If you are creative, you can make wonders with Gatsby. If you are doubtful about Gatsby check out Some sites that show’s the power of Gatsby.

Gatsby.Js Starters or Themes:

Gatsby.Js has a big library with plenty of Starters or Themes and Plugins. Starters make your work easier and with the help of plugins, you can take your site to the next level. You can start an E-Commerce website, Business or a blog with these Starters.

With Gatsby Starters, you can easily customize the theme with some basic knowledge on HTML, CSS and React. You can customize according to your brand without any copyright or legal issue. All themes submitted in Gatsby library are free to use. If you are going to start a Static site from scratch using Gatsby, You need to have a strong grip on React, HTML, Bootstrap CSS.


Getting Started with Gatsby

To install Gatsby.Js you need to install Node.Js in your computer. Follow the abovr link and download the Node.Js package based on your operating system.

If you don’t know about Node.Js, It is a javascript runtime. With Node.Js you can install and run major Javascript frameworks like AngularJs Cli, Vue.JS, Gatsby.JS Cli, React, etc…

Node.Js built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine which is an open-source JavaScript engine developed for Google Chrome and Chromium web browsers.

After installing Node.js in your personal computer you have to install Gatsby.Js command line interface (CLI) using Node Package Manager (NPM). Follow the command to install the Gatsby Command line interface in your PC

npm install -g gatsby-cli

The following command installs Gatsby Command line interface using Node Package Manager. To make sure whether Gatsby Cli installed or not in your PC run the following command.


If Gatsby CLI installed perfectly, it will show a list of available commands for Gatsby.

Gatsby CLI codexguides

Installing a Gatsby.Js Starter

Creating a new website with a Starter as easy as installing Gatsby CLI. With the below-listed procedure, you can create a blazing fast static site using Gatsby. When you create a new project in Gatsby, it includes a default Starter.

The default starter is so boring and it’s not user-friendly. But if you are going to start a website with own design then you can do customizations according to your need with the default theme. The following cmd creates a new project in your PC.

gatsby new CodeX Guides

Replace CodeX Guides with your folder name. This command will create a new folder at your current location and the default starter goes into the Codex Guides folder.

To change directory using the command line

cd CodeX Guides

The following command changes your directory to the project folder. If you want to use other starters, then type the following command in NPM.


gatsby new CodeX Guides

With the following command, you can create a new project with custom Starter. In the about example I used Gatsby Material Starter which is an awesome blog material starter. To run a test server or live local server in your PC run the following command.

gatsby develop

The following command runs local Gatsby server on port 8000. You can access it via localhost:8000. You can make changes to pages in /src/pages folder. You can create new or edit pages in this folder. Gatsby supports Hot-reloading. If you edit and save these pages, browser reloads automatically.

After customizing project and if you wish to host your project, with the following command you can build the production. The output folder contains static HTML files, CSS and Javascript.

gatsby build

The output files will store in /public folder. Upload this folder to any hosting services like GitHub Pages, GitLab, Firebare, Amazon S3, etc…

Top 10 Best Gatsby.Js Starters or Themes

There are plenty of themes in Gatsby library, most of them are best and unique and it’s difficult to select the best one from those for your online presence. You can start an E-Commerce website or Business website or a Blog.

These Starters are handpicked from Gatsby library

Gatsby Material Starter:

Gatsby Starters

Gatsby Material Starter is the best choice if you are going to start a blog. This theme comes with Netlify CMS which makes your work easier. If you don’t know about Static Site CMS check out the article. I tested this starter in my personal computer and it worked well.

This Starter is gonna be my first choice if you are going to start a blog. You can dynamically add, remove, edit content, images with Netlify CMS.

Gatsby Material Starter had neat sidebar navigation lists all categories, Disqus comment system, Google Analytics, and Search Engine Optimized.

Demo Download



Gatsby Starter E-Commerce

Gatsby Starters

I Love Lamp shows the power of Gatsby Sites. User Interface of this site is unique and if you are going to start an E-Commerce website this is my first choice.

If you check the demo of this starter, you’ll fell in love with this theme. This Starter is most simple, easy to use and navigate, optimized UI/UX and Search Engine Friedly.

Gatsby E-Commerce Starter makes use of Moltin eCommerce API, Semantic-UI and it integrated with Stript payment checkout.


Gatsby Shopify Starter

Gatsby Starters

Gatsby Shopify Starter is an E-Commerce website with good UI/UI is greatly optimized for Search Engine. This starter integrated with Shopify. Images are optimized with gatsby-image.

Gatsby Shopify is a small starter but you can make use of this theme to build a big E-Commerce website. You can customize according to your brand as it is open-source.

Gatsby Shopify Started comes with Netlify, so you don’t need to worry about adding web-content. You can add content, images, products in real-time. All the data will be synchronized to your hosting service in no time.

Demo Download



Gatsby Starter Gcn

Gatsby Starters

Gatsby Starter Gcn is a Minimalist Gatsby Blog starter with responsive design and great UX/UI. This Gatsby Starter comes with Headless CMS and you can manage web-content in real-time with Netlify.

This Starter is primarily designed for Seo and Speed. It comes with Google Analytics, Sitemap Generation, etc…

Demo Download




Gatsby Starters

Dimension is a business, portfolio website. It comes with 4 default pages if you wish to add more you can customize the theme. This theme well suits for small business, startups to show their business profile.

Dimension is a responsive landing page business starter released for free under Creative Commons License.

Demo Download



Gatsby Strata

Gatsby Starters

Gatsby Strara is a portfolio Starter designed to show your works. It is fully responsive and SEO friendly with a great user interface and UX design.

Demo Download



Gatsby Starter Ghost

Gatsby Starters

Gatsby Ghost Starter is lightning fast blog theme designed by Ghost and it comes with Headless CMS Netlify. This starter comes with dynamic meta tags, so you can edit however you want.

Ghost starter is responsive, minimal design with good user interface comes with Sitemap generator, RSS feed, twitter meta cards etc…

Demo  Download



Gatsby Starter Shopify App

gatsby starter

Shopify App Starter used to create server-less Shopify Admin Apps easily. These App are hosted in Google Firebase. All the information stored in Firebase Firestore Realtime DB.
Demo  Download




Gatsby Material Design For Bootstrap

gatsby-material-design-for-bootstrap codexguides Gatsby Starter

Gatsby Material Design Starter is a business, agency starter which you can use for your company. It is designed with Material and Bootstrap. It comes with different pages like Solutions, Products, Contact page etc…

Gatsby Material Kit React

gatsby starter Material Kit React codexguides

This is a Reack kit online tool. You can start customizing it according to your brand. It is responsive, Seo friendly comes with 60 Handcrafted Components and customized plugins.



There are hundred of Starters available at Gatsby Library but if you want to start an E-Commerce website or Business website or a Blog, then this is the best place. You can find right Starter for you online brand with these top Gatsby Starters available on internet. Share this post with your friends by clicking the social links below.

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