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Top 4 Static Site Generators 2019 [Uptated]

What Are Static Site Generators, Best Open Source Generators 2019
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What Are Static Site Generators, Best Open Source Generators 2019What Are Static Site Generators, Best Open Source Generators 2019

Static Site Generators, The name itself indicated the website which is Static HTML sites. All the website data is received from the server initially and it renders the data directly in the client browser to serve to the user. So the website loads 2x faster than a normal website. Static Sites does not rely on Server-Side programming, Database or any other Server-Side processing which makes to serve request to client instantly without any server-side processing.

Unlink WordPress and other popular CMS’s which rely on server-side processing, MySQL Database which makes each request to the server each time. For each request, you make which keeps it vulnerable to hacking and other security threats of the website. Whereas in Static Site Generator there’s no need to server-side processing, All the website data is rendered to the user in the browser using ReactJS or AngularJS Technologies.

Static Sites are going to rule the internet and these open source Static Site Generators will be much useful of the web developers to design their website. Static Site Generators are flexible in which the user can take full control over what he’s doing like he can build a Blog, an E-Commerce website and most of the web. Static Site Generators are going to power most of the website on the web. In comparison to dynamic websites, Static Sites having more advantages and it’s gaining more popularity because if it. Unlink dynamic websites, Static Sites can be served instantly from the server. Static Sites are easy to set up, less vulnerable and it is highly secured.

Advantages of Static Site Generators.

  • Speed is one of the top advantages of Static Sites since there is no Database queries to run, no need to process requests every time.
  • Static Sites are highly secured.
  • They are Search Engine Optimized.
  • No need for installing server-side languages like PHP, MySQL to run a Static Site. The web server with capable of running HTML and CSS.

Open Source Static Site Generators.

Open Source Static Site Generators are the free Site Generators which can be used for individual or for commercial usage. The codes can be changed according to your needs and some of the best open source platforms are listed below with their Pros and Cones.


Jekyll always holds top position for site generators which is founded by Tom Preston-Werner and powered by GitHubWhat else you need when you hear it powered by GitHub. Jekyll is trust-worthy and the main feature is you can host your static pages free with GitHub pages. Jekyll transforms your plain text into a static website or a blog. Jekyll is build using Ruby and to generate a Static site, You just need to run 3 simple commands. With the help of GitHub pages, you can set up a custom domain to your site easily to use your own domain name.


  • No need to buy a separate hosting for your Static site as it provides you to host your site in GitHib pages for free of cost, All you need is a custom domain name.
  • Jekyll has a wide range of community members which makes you to get started and learn easily.
  • With the help of community members, you can try to fix problems.
  • There are many plugins, add-ons which makes your site fully functional or to get most of it.


  • To make use of Jekyll, you need to install and setup Ruby environment on your PC.


Static site generator - nextjs

Next.Js is one of the best static site generator that uses React and Javascript Technologies which was founded by ZEIT company. NextJs provides Server-Side rendering by default which provides best search engine optimization. Next Js able to implement in Express server and Node.Js Http server.


  • Integrated with ZEIT hosting service.
  • Build using React and JavaScript Technologies.
  • Start with zero configuration.


  • Need a basic understanding of React and Js
  • No plugins or add-ons were available.


Static site generator - hugo

Hugo is the leading Static Site Generator which powers most of the static sites on the internet. Hugo is based on Go Programming which you need a basic understanding of it. Hugo mainly focuses on speed which makes your site load more faster. There are plenty of templates to get started with Hugo and it comes with ultra-fast building process which makes your website build faster.


  • Ultra-fast building Process.
  • Get started with plenty of themes and templates.


  • Basic knowledge on understanding Go Programming.


Static site generator - nextjs

Nuxt.Js is based on Vue.js technology which is best used for Front-End Development. In recent years it gained popularity due to high performance and powerful feature sets. With the help Vue.JS, you can create Single Page Applications with Server-side rendering. You can also build static HTML code from Vue.Js app.


  • Easy to learn and understand.
  • Search engine Optimized with Server-Side Rendering.
  • Offers multiple build options.


  • Basic understanding of Vue.JS
  • Not limited for building Static web pages


Gatsby is based on GraphQL and React, If you have basic knowledge on GraphQL, then GATSBY is the best choice to build your own brand online. this technology is optimized for speed and to build the fastest possible websites.  The main feature of GATSBY is plugin system which enables users to extend their site features and to talk full control of your website.


  • This technology is also based on React and GraphQL
  • Data is pulled from GraphQL
  • Lots of plugins to extend your website


  • Basic understanding of React, GraphQL


So, Building Static Sites using top best open source generators in 2019 which makes your works more easier. Static Site Generators are going to play a major role in future Front-End development. Most of the internet will be powered with Static sites.

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