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PHP – The best server side scripting language for web developers.

PHP – The best server-side scripting language web developers.

PHP is really the most in-vogue and productive scripting language that has helped businesses throughout the world to overcome all challenges. PHP is among the most popular scripting languages utilized for server-side web development. If you intend to utilize PHP for your future projects, then you need to be conscious of a number of the newest trends in PHP development. Therefore, if you require easy and clean PHP, CodeIgniter will be absolutely the most acceptable alternative for you.

PHP - The best server side scripting language

The frameworks mentioned previously aren’t just for testers but for developers also. PHP frameworks are made to simplify the development procedure and lower the job required in creating wonderful applications.

So, if you want to pick the PHP Framework, you will need to think about factors like security, simplicity of use, scalability, documentation, and more. With the launch of Yii 2, it’s thought of as one of the ideal PHP frameworks.

Frameworks are a helpful tool as they provide a structure and unified environment that can help you to construct your projects faster and better. The framework is highly advised by the developers due to its advanced features and straightforward environment.

PHP frameworks help simplify complex coding concerns by supplying a platform structure to developers to create powerful web applications in a limited time. If you’re looking for a great PHP framework that allows you to produce apps at a fast pace, then CodeIgniter is the ideal choice available for you.

Every framework has its own impacts on the internet application development procedure and each one fits the puzzle of different kinds of projects. Application framework and plug-in frameworks have the exact same directory structure to enhance the consistency of regions of the framework with one another.

They are super useful tools because they provide a structure and unified environment that will help you to build your projects faster and more efficiently. There are a large assortment of PHP frameworks, a lot of them are open source frameworks. The Phalcon PHP framework has existed for at least five decades, but it gained popularity among developers only a few years ago.

The framework is readily accessed by both beginners and expert developers. Zend Framework is an assortment of professional PHP packages with over 200 million installations. Recommended by a wide community of developers, it is one of the most advanced PHP frameworks in the market.

In addition, the framework can be extended utilizing a lot of add-ons. It is also straightforward to learn and easy to install, as it requires only a web server and a copy of the framework. Web frameworks have turned into an important element of internet development, as the measures of internet apps are continuously improving, so does the technology. It is very important to pick a suitable web development framework so as to ensure much better website productivity and success in the next few years.

PHP - The best server side scripting language2

The framework is extraordinarily employed by developers who aim to create RESTful APIs and solutions. It is flexible and the latest version of Selenium web driver runs flawlessly across all the major browsers. It is also quite useful to create email templates and websites.

It is not difficult to learn the framework and is quite beneficial to create complex mobile apps. If so, then employing a PHP Framework would befit your undertaking. When it has to do with the very best PHP framework for website development, there are seven principal frameworks to look at.

The framework can readily be used without letting the operation of the website being hampered. CodeIgniter framework is the best option if you’re searching for a lightweight and easy framework. The framework may be used for any sort of internet application from small to large. however, it’s more suitable for web applications that are required to manage complex RESTful API.

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Aside from a suitable comprehension and development experience using PHP, you’re going to need Just as with other test automation frameworks meant for unit testing, PHPUnit can help you in creating a code that performs well and is simple to keep.

The framework is very well documented, and it’s a superior option for beginners. It is derived from PHPUnit and has the ability to manage Functional, Unit as well as Acceptance testing of a web application. Rather than reinventing the wheel each moment, it’s considerably more convenient to use popular frameworks with a lot of functions and options. Responsive HTML5 frameworks prove to be helpful for the maturation of a front-end site.

Like many frameworks, it’s not fit for certain forms of applications. If you’re thinking about creating a web application using PHP, you’ll also need among the ideal PHP frameworks in 2019 for testing of your application. With Slim, you may make simple but effective web applications and APIs.

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Unleash the Power of WordPress website with 10 Plugins 2019

Unleash the Power of WordPress website with 10 WordPress Plugins 2019


Unleash the Power of WordPress website with 10 Plugins.

WordPress… WordPress… WordPress, How many times you heard this word. If you are a web developer or a blogger then you definitely come across WordPress. Simply, WordPress is a Content Management System built on PHP and MySQL makes you built a website without any coding skills or any technical knowledge. With WordPress, you can build a Blog, Business website, online community, eCommerce or any website with 0 knowledge on coding skills.

There are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes available in the market to get started with. WordPress is search engine friendly, Mobile friendly, Highly secured and less vulnerable to hacking. Many developers are attracted to WordPress because of its simplicity.

You can create a theme from scratch according to your needs or choose with plenty of themes from Themeforest or from WordPress theme library. To design a WordPress theme, you need to have strong knowledge on HTML, CSS with PHP and MySQL or you can hire a WordPress theme developer. If you are going to learn WordPress development, there are millions of developers who started their career into WordPress.

20% of the internet is powered by WordPress, Its like millions of WordPress sites on the Internet right now and I can say my website is proudly powered by WordPress.

WordPress Plugins:

A WordPress plugin is a piece of code that adds extra functionality to your WordPress site. You can upload a Plugin to WordPress using backend admin dashboard or you can also use file manager or FTP. You can make a WordPress plugin according to your need or there are over 50k plugins that you can choose from.

There are many free and paid plugins available on the internet. You can directly search for all free WordPress from your WordPress admin dashboard or If you download Plugins from 3rd parties websites, you need to upload it using plugin section from admin dashboard or FTP. There are thousands of WordPress premium plugins available in CodeCanyon to choose with.

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Top 10 WordPress plugins to take your website to the next level:

Top 10 WordPress plugins to take your website to the next level

There are thousands of WordPress Plugins to choose with but in this article, you are going to know the must-have WordPress Plugins to make your site highly secure, search engine friendly, Mobile friendly and Speed. The ultimate aim of the WordPress website is to make incredible fast, secured, SEO optimized and user-friendly.

Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO is all time favorite for Blogs, eCommerce websites. SEO is very important for any online business, without SEO the online store can not generate any leads or sales. Yoast SEO covers all aspects and the main part of this plugin is Free.

They also provide premium version, available on their official website which includes Premium support, Multiple keywords, WooCommerce. If you want to take full advantage of Yoast then you would go to premium to get full features of the plugin.

Yoast helps you to optimize your website for Search Engine Friendly by adding Meta tags, Social Media Open graph tags. All you can add these simply through the WordPress dashboard without coding skills.


wpforms codexguides wordpress plugins

Every website needs a contact form which makes easier for visitors who need to contact you without revealing your Email online. With the help of WPForms, you can build a responsive contact form or a payment gateway with no time.

With WPForms, you can build forms with drag and drop either is a Contact form, payment gateway and the best thing is it provides protection from Spam emails. So, you don’t need to worry about incoming emails.

WPForms comes with Free and Paid versions. If you want to unlock all the options in WPForms, then I’d suggest you to go to the premium version. Millions are using WPForms for Contact forms, To receive payments, etc…

WP Rocket:

wp rocket codexguides WordPress Plugins

WP Rocket takes your WordPress website to the next level in terms of Speed. WP Rocket is the best caching plugin in the WordPress plugins library after W3 Total Cache and Super Cache.

WP Rocket not only helps to increase the speed of your website but also helps in SEO. Caching the WordPress site is so important in terms of speed and SEO.

WP Rocket provides Page cache, HTML, CSS, and Javascript compression cache pre-loading. By default, all these options are turned on automatically and there are many options to choose with. It provides G-Zip compression, Minification, CND, etc…

WP Rocket comes with CloudFlare integration so you can easily integrate with Cloudflare, Lazyloading, Database optimization DNS Prefetching, and many more. right now WP Rocket only provides premium plugin but it worth buying it. If you are new and want basic caching plugins then W3 Total Cache is the best alternative.

Pretty Links:

pretty links wordpress plugin codexgudes

Pretty links is an awesome WordPress plugin allows you to shorten your WP links for easily memorable. With the help of Pretty links, you can manage Affiliate links, etc…

Pretty links plugin is best suitable for Affiliation blogs, eCommerce websites. You can create a dofollow or nofollow links with the plugin. You can track the links in Pretty links dashboard. The free and paid version of Pretty links are available on their official website.


Wordfence codexguides wordpress plugin

Wordfence is the top rated WordPress security plugin which includes WordPress Firewall and Malware scanning. WordFence blocks unidentified malicious traffic to the website. You can protect your website from brute force attacks, SQL Injection, and many other popular WordPress attacks.

With WordFence you can add Two Factor Authentication which increases your site security. It comes with tools such as Live Traffic analysis, IP Block, Whois Info, Import Export option.

WP Smush:

wp smash codexguides

WP Smush is a WordPress plugin compresses all your WordPress Images in a single click. WP Smush also compresses every new image that uploaded into the website.

A single image represents 1000 words, So images are very important for your site to represent anything. But, do you worry about site loading speed? Yeah, With the help WP Smush, you can compress images without losing the quality of the image.

Wp Smush provides bulk image compressing so you can compress all the images in a single click. It compresses any type of image including JPEG, JPG, PNG, etc… WP Smush makes your site load faster than usual.


Monsterinsights codexguides

MonsterInsights allows you to integrate WordPress website to your Google Analytics account with just a few clicks. MonsterInsights is the top rated and most downloaded WordPress Plugin in WordPress Plugin library. Just install MonsterInsights plugin from your admin dashboard and follow the instructions given by the plugin.

The main part of this plugin is it shows all reports, site statistics, bounce rate, etc… in your WordPress dashboard without going to your Google Analytics Account. MonsterInsights comes with free and premium versions. Premium version provides add-ons such as Adsense tracking, affiliate link tracking, etc…


updraft codexguides

Website backup is an important step that every blogger or a web developer perform. If your website got hacked backups help you to restore website easily without any extra configuration.

Updraftplus makes your website backups and restores very easy. This plugin allows you to backup your entire WordPress website including MySQL database. The created backup can be uploaded to remote servers or you can save the zip file in your computer.

The backup can be restored to your new WordPress website using the same plugin without any extra configuration to your site. The restored website looks as same as your old website including themes, plugins, blog posts, etc… This plugin also helps you to migrate your WordPress website from one server to the new server.


woo-commerce-eshop codexguides

Thinking to build an eCommerce website using WordPress? WooCommerce helps you to make an eCommerce website without coding skills. If you want to take the full advantage of WordPress to build an eCommerce site? Then WooCommerce is the best option to get started with.

The best thing in this plugin is its open source. You can launch an online store with just a few simple steps. There are thousands of themes which built separately for WooCommerce and there are millions of developers for who can redesign your thoughts to WordPress WooCommerce theme.

WooCommerce supports payment gateway to collect the amount from your costumers.



WP Mail SMTP is Plugin allows you to add custom mail function to your WordPress website. If your website not sending E-mails then WP Mail SMTP is the perfect solution to fix your email delivery.

You can add different SMTP such as Gmail, Mailgun and other SMTP. With WP Mail SMTP you can prevent your website emails going to the spam folder.


There are plenty of WordPress plugins available to choose with but in this article, I’ve listed the must-have WordPress Plugins for every WordPress Blog or a Website. All these plugins are hand-picked and they were tested by me. There are many other WordPress plugins that also must try. If you know any WordPress Plugin that needs to use on every WordPress Website, then comment below. Thanks for reading and share the post with your friends and colleagues.