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5 Reasons to Use Static Site Generators in the First Choice

5 Reasons to Use Static Site Generators in the First Choice:

5 Reasons to Use Static Site Generators in the First Choice

Static Site Generator:

Static Site Generators are going to play a huge role for the next coming years on the internet. Static Site Generators generates a blazing fast, responsive, UX/UI and SEO optimized website. The generated files are Static HTML files. So, the website can be hosted anywhere without any server configuration.

We already talked about Static Site generators many times in my recent posts. If you don’t have enough knowledge on Static Site Generator, you can check the article. I also published articles about GatsbyJs, Hugo.

Best Static Site Generator:

There are many open source Static Site Generators available on the internet, but Gatsby.Js is gonna be my all-time favorite. If you are unaware of GatsbyJs the links are provided to show you the power of Static Site Generators powered by Gatsby.

There are plenty of themes and plugins available for GatsbyJs to get started with. You can also add a Headless CMS or a Static Site CMS to these Static Site Generators.

Pros of Static Site Generators:

  • Static Site Generators are blazing fast.
  • Static Sites are secure.
  • Static websites are lite.
  • They are flexible.
  • Nothing is impossible with Static Site Generators.
  • Dynamic Content with Content Management System.

Why to use Static Site Generator:

As we discussed the benefits of Static Site generators above, let’s discuss in brief about them.


Websites made with Static Site Generators are incredibly fast. If you make use of Content Delivery Network (CND) for Static websites, your website will load 2x faster.

This is one of the biggest advantages with Static Site Generators. Static Sites requires no server-side scripting and the data is rendered to the user in the browser using ReactJS or AngularJS Technologies.

Highly Secure:

Static Websites are not hackable unless they had your server details. Static Sites are HTML, CSS and Javascript files, It doesn’t require any backend dashboard like WordPress.

Dynamic websites like WordPress, Jamoola or any website made with PHP and MySQL, Database makes each request to the server each time. For each request, you make which keeps it vulnerable to hacking and other security threats of the website.

They are Lite and Flexible:

Static Websites are ultra lite and highly optimized for speed. They don’t require any backend configuration. Nothing is impossible with Static Site Gen. We can make anything that comes in mind.

Search Engine Optimized:

Most of the Static Site Generators are Seo friendly and it doesn’t require any setup. Some of the themes wouldn’t be SEO friendly so select a proper search engine optimized theme.

Some of the Javascript frameworks are not SEO friendly such as AngularJs, Vue.Js, etc… To fix this issue, we have to prerender HTML files in the server. Prerender can be done using Angular Univeral or you can also use services such as

Integrating with Content Management System:

With the help of headless CMS, You can add content in real-time without coding. You can dynamically add content with Content Management System in your website.

There are many Headless CMS and Static Site CMS available on the internet. You can log in to Cms and add content in realtime without coding.


Websites generated with Static Site generators can be hosted anywhere with Apache Http or Ngnix installed. No need to install or setup any software like PHP, MySQL, Perl, Curl, etc… They are just static HTML files and they are rendered in user browser directly.

Static Websites can be deployed in shared hosting, cloud hosting, etc… You can also host sites with Github Pages, GitLab and you can also launch a website in 5 minutes using Netlify.

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