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Deslide – Tips on Eliminating Slideshow from Websites [Simple Method]

Deslide – Simple trick to Remove Slideshow from Any Websites

Deslide - Tips on Eliminating Slideshow from Websites

Deslide – It is certainly irritating when you notice that you have to go to the next page in order to read an article or something else online. Obviously, the same article or news can be posted on a single page, but most of the websites convert a single-page article into various sections. Now, the question arises here why do these sites use slideshow? The simplest answer to this most asked question is money. When you decide to flip different pages, you are likely to visit at various pages. Thus, a site grabs lots of page views instead of a single page view. This way, they simply increase their revenue.

However, it is true that using the slideshow on a site can benefit its owner, but it is certainly an irritating thing for an avid reader. Do you want to get rid of such an irritating process? Do you want to remove slideshow from any websites? Do you want to enjoy hurdle-free reading even without coping with slideshow? If your answer to above-asked questions is a big yes, then you need to look at nowhere else but deslide. Yes, it is the best option to go with when it comes to eliminating slideshow from any site. There are various sites or even extensions available that can help you removing slideshow from any website. Do you need more information about how to remove slideshow from any sites using deslide? If yes, then you must keep reading this article.

How Do I Remove Slideshow from a Site Using Deslide?

It is certainly an important point that may come to your mind when you decide to get rid of slideshow while browsing through an article or other content online. For this, you need to use deslide. It is certainly a great option to go with when it comes to removing slideshow from a site. Does it take time to eliminate slideshow from site? Of course, it doesn’t.

There are basically two deslide methods available that can help you remove unwanted slideshow from a site while browsing through the same i.e. using a website and installing an extension. You will be given complete information about how to remove slideshow from the desired site with least effort.

What Are the Methods of Eliminating Slideshow from Websites?

As already mentioned above that there are two methods of removing slideshow from a site i.e. using a deslide site and second using a deslide extension. Let’s check out both of the options to learn how to remove slideshow from any site while browsing through it.

Deslide – Method 1 to Remove Slideshow from a Desired Site

Deslide - Tips on Eliminating Slideshow from Websites 1

  • You are advised to browse through at Print Friendly
  • Now, you need to copy the URL of a site or webpage which slideshow you would like to remove. For instance, you are visiting at and found irritating slideshow. You just need to copy the webpage URL of the same site.
  • Now, paste the copied URL in the given box of your chosen deslide site, and then hit the submit option.
  • Having clicked the submit button, you will be able to transform a slideshow webpage into a single webpage.
  • Obviously, it is among the easiest methods to remove or eliminate slides from a website.

Method 2 – How You Can Remove Slides from a Site

Deslide - Tips on Eliminating Slideshow from Websites 2

It is almost like the same method that you have just read above, but here we are going to use another deslide site. So, let’s check out how you can remove slides from a website.

  • First of all, you need to copy the URL of the webpage that you want to make slideshow-free.
  • Now, you need to visit at Clusterfake
  • Here, you will find a box on the home page of the site.
  • You will find a combination of the display to use in order to make the process more reader-free.
  • Once done, you need to hit the deslide option.
  • Now, you are free to read the desired article or go through content even without dealing with irritating slideshow.

What Is the Easiest Way to Remove Slideshow from any Website?


However, above-mentioned methods are a great option to go with, but you may not love copying and pasting URLs every time in order to eliminate slideshow from a webpage. Thus, you would surely like to know about an effective option to eliminate slideshows from your chosen site. Thus, you need to use PAGEZIPPER. Yes, it is an extension that can be installed on your browser. The best part of installing this browser extension is that you won’t need to copy and paste URLs every time. It will automatically remove slideshow from sites. When you install the PageZipper extension on your browser, you just need to click on the icon of the same in order to remove slideshow from a certain web page. Obviously, it is easy to do an option when it comes to removing unwanted slideshow from a website.


Which Is the Best Option to Get Rid of Unwanted Slideshow?

If you are confused on whether you should go with deslide website option or PageZipper extension, you need to evaluate your requirements. Remember, all the three options are great to go with provided that you choose them according to your specific requirements. If you just need to remove slideshow often from a site, you can go with website option. On the other hand, if you want to keep a system that can automatically remove slideshows from all sites you visit, you need to install the deslide browser extension.

Things to Know Removing Slideshow from a Website

However, it is true that you deslide can help you getting rid of unwanted slideshow on a website, but there could be a few things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to removing slideshow from a site. It is true that you should get rid of slideshow while reading an article or news, but there could be content that should be displayed in a slideshow system. So, when you install a deslide extension, you are likely to remove slideshow from every site you visit. This way, you may ignore the importance of websites that publish high-quality content. These websites use slideshow in order to help readers understand the topic. So, removing slideshow every time won’t be a great idea.

Therefore, you are highly advised that before making a decision, you first need to understand this point. You aren’t supposed to block everything when it comes to browsing through the internet. Remember, the slideshow has its own importance. When a website creates slideshow to justify quality content, readers simply appreciate the same. You would surely like to read a complicated topic that can easily be justified using slideshow. So, you must not underestimate the power of slideshow when it comes to catching the lines of an article or news.


Having gone through before said process of how to remove slideshow from a website, now you must be aware of the importance of deslide. Whether it is about using deslide-site or browser extension, you will always find removing unwanted slideshow can help you enjoying the content online. Obviously, you will never and ever like to deal with irritating ads while enjoying a favorite TV show. Similarly, you won’t like to read an article with multiple pages while it can easily be composed in a single page.

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5 Reasons to Use Static Site Generators in the First Choice

5 Reasons to Use Static Site Generators in the First Choice:

5 Reasons to Use Static Site Generators in the First Choice

Static Site Generator:

Static Site Generators are going to play a huge role for the next coming years on the internet. Static Site Generators generates a blazing fast, responsive, UX/UI and SEO optimized website. The generated files are Static HTML files. So, the website can be hosted anywhere without any server configuration.

We already talked about Static Site generators many times in my recent posts. If you don’t have enough knowledge on Static Site Generator, you can check the article. I also published articles about GatsbyJs, Hugo.

Best Static Site Generator:

There are many open source Static Site Generators available on the internet, but Gatsby.Js is gonna be my all-time favorite. If you are unaware of GatsbyJs the links are provided to show you the power of Static Site Generators powered by Gatsby.

There are plenty of themes and plugins available for GatsbyJs to get started with. You can also add a Headless CMS or a Static Site CMS to these Static Site Generators.

Pros of Static Site Generators:

  • Static Site Generators are blazing fast.
  • Static Sites are secure.
  • Static websites are lite.
  • They are flexible.
  • Nothing is impossible with Static Site Generators.
  • Dynamic Content with Content Management System.

Why to use Static Site Generator:

As we discussed the benefits of Static Site generators above, let’s discuss in brief about them.


Websites made with Static Site Generators are incredibly fast. If you make use of Content Delivery Network (CND) for Static websites, your website will load 2x faster.

This is one of the biggest advantages with Static Site Generators. Static Sites requires no server-side scripting and the data is rendered to the user in the browser using ReactJS or AngularJS Technologies.

Highly Secure:

Static Websites are not hackable unless they had your server details. Static Sites are HTML, CSS and Javascript files, It doesn’t require any backend dashboard like WordPress.

Dynamic websites like WordPress, Jamoola or any website made with PHP and MySQL, Database makes each request to the server each time. For each request, you make which keeps it vulnerable to hacking and other security threats of the website.

They are Lite and Flexible:

Static Websites are ultra lite and highly optimized for speed. They don’t require any backend configuration. Nothing is impossible with Static Site Gen. We can make anything that comes in mind.

Search Engine Optimized:

Most of the Static Site Generators are Seo friendly and it doesn’t require any setup. Some of the themes wouldn’t be SEO friendly so select a proper search engine optimized theme.

Some of the Javascript frameworks are not SEO friendly such as AngularJs, Vue.Js, etc… To fix this issue, we have to prerender HTML files in the server. Prerender can be done using Angular Univeral or you can also use services such as

Integrating with Content Management System:

With the help of headless CMS, You can add content in real-time without coding. You can dynamically add content with Content Management System in your website.

There are many Headless CMS and Static Site CMS available on the internet. You can log in to Cms and add content in realtime without coding.


Websites generated with Static Site generators can be hosted anywhere with Apache Http or Ngnix installed. No need to install or setup any software like PHP, MySQL, Perl, Curl, etc… They are just static HTML files and they are rendered in user browser directly.

Static Websites can be deployed in shared hosting, cloud hosting, etc… You can also host sites with Github Pages, GitLab and you can also launch a website in 5 minutes using Netlify.

All Static Site Generators

Create a blazing fast website in 5 minutes with Pelican Static Site Generator

Create a blazing fast website in 5 minutes with Pelican Static Site Generator powered by Python

Pelican Static Site Generator 1

Python For Web Development:

Python is a High-level programming language first released in 1991. Python used for Web development, Software development, Big data, VFX Scripting and many more. Python became more popular because of its simplicity and its easy to learn. Syntaxes in python are easy to remember than any other programming language.

Python used for server-side web applications, connecting web apps to the database system. Popular websites such as Youtube, Dropbox, Instagram, Spotify are built using Python. Browser automation, Machine learning, Data analysis, Internet of things (IoT) made easy with Python.

There are many open-source frameworks available for python such as Django, CherryPy, Pyramid, etc… These frameworks have been used by sites such as Youtube, Instagram as mentioned above.

Static Site generators:

Static Site Generators is a website generator that generates the website in HTML, CSS, and JS. You can do miracles with Static Site Generators. With the help of a Static Site Generator, you can create an eCommerce website, Blog, Business Website, Lanching page or whatever you need.

Static Sites are not like dynamic websites. Static sites don’t require any server-side configuration or a database. Static Sites loads 2x faster than dynamic websites. The best thing of static sites are it can be deployed in any web server and it doesn’t require any extra setup.

Static Sites can be deployed in Github pages, Gitlab, and any other cloud hosting for high scale and low cost. You can connect the static sites to Headless CMS or Static Site CMS to manage your website content real-time without coding.

Pelican Static Site Generator:

Pelican Static Site Generator 2

Pelican is a Static Site Generator provided by Python. With Pelican you can create a Static site. Pelican has a huge library of themes and plugins to get started with. Pelican static site generator also provides plenty of plugins to extend your site functionality.

Pelican Static Site generator is Seo friendly, Responsive and it’s easy to create a website with Pelican. You can integrate Pelican static site generator with a Headless Cms or a Static Site CMS. You can write content in reStructuredText or Markdown.

Features of Pelican Static Site Generator:

  • Pelican library has a number of themes and plugins.
  • Easy migration from existing content from WordPress, Blogger, and other services.
  • Easy to Integrate with Google Analytics, Disqus comment system.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Easy to generate RSS feed and Atom.
  • Syntax highlighting via Pygments.

Getting Started with Pelican Static Site Generator:

Pelican makes use of Python and you have to install Python 3 from the official website of python. Python 3 is recommended for better output. Pelican can be installed via several methods but we are discussing the simplest method to install Pelican Static Site Generator using PIP.

Before installing Pelican, you have to set up a virtual environment for Pelican via virtualenv. The following commands help you to create a virtual environment for Pelican.

virtualenv ~/virtualenvs/pelican
cd ~/virtualenvs/pelican
source bin/activate

To install Pelican in Python 3 use the following command.

pip install pelican

With the help of this cmd, you’ll be able to create a Pelican Static Site Generator in your Pc. To install packages such as Markdown and Typographical enhancements use the following cmd.

pip install Markdown
pip install typogrify

Now you are ready to create Static Site with Pelican. Make a directory for your project and move to project directory by following commands.

mkdir -p ~/projects/Project_Name
cd ~/projects/Project_Name

To create a project structure for your website use the following. With quickstart command, Pelican creates a project structure.


And the project structure looks like this.

├── content
│   └── (pages)
├── output
├── Makefile
├──       # Main settings file
└──       # Settings to use when ready to publish

The website cannot be generated unless you publish content on your website. You can generate and publish articles with the following format.

Title: First Pelican Project
Date: 2019-06-05 2:02
Category: Pelican

This is example formate for creating your first article on Pelican.

After publishing your content you can preview using the following command.

pelican --listen

To generate Static website use the following command. The output files are generated inside the output folder.

pelican content

For more information and deployment here is the link for docs.

Pelican Static Site Generators has plenty of themes and plugins to get started with. Themes and plugins make your work easy. You can even make a beautiful theme from scratch or use an existing one. Access Pelican themes here and plugins here.

Wrapping up:

Pelican Static Site Generator is one of the best static site generator. It is Seo friendly, blazing fast, and responsive. You can create a website and deploy easily with no time. With this tutorial, you can create a blazing fast static site generator in 5 mins.

All PHP Scripts

PHP – The best server side scripting language for web developers.

PHP – The best server-side scripting language web developers.

PHP is really the most in-vogue and productive scripting language that has helped businesses throughout the world to overcome all challenges. PHP is among the most popular scripting languages utilized for server-side web development. If you intend to utilize PHP for your future projects, then you need to be conscious of a number of the newest trends in PHP development. Therefore, if you require easy and clean PHP, CodeIgniter will be absolutely the most acceptable alternative for you.

PHP - The best server side scripting language

The frameworks mentioned previously aren’t just for testers but for developers also. PHP frameworks are made to simplify the development procedure and lower the job required in creating wonderful applications.

So, if you want to pick the PHP Framework, you will need to think about factors like security, simplicity of use, scalability, documentation, and more. With the launch of Yii 2, it’s thought of as one of the ideal PHP frameworks.

Frameworks are a helpful tool as they provide a structure and unified environment that can help you to construct your projects faster and better. The framework is highly advised by the developers due to its advanced features and straightforward environment.

PHP frameworks help simplify complex coding concerns by supplying a platform structure to developers to create powerful web applications in a limited time. If you’re looking for a great PHP framework that allows you to produce apps at a fast pace, then CodeIgniter is the ideal choice available for you.

Every framework has its own impacts on the internet application development procedure and each one fits the puzzle of different kinds of projects. Application framework and plug-in frameworks have the exact same directory structure to enhance the consistency of regions of the framework with one another.

They are super useful tools because they provide a structure and unified environment that will help you to build your projects faster and more efficiently. There are a large assortment of PHP frameworks, a lot of them are open source frameworks. The Phalcon PHP framework has existed for at least five decades, but it gained popularity among developers only a few years ago.

The framework is readily accessed by both beginners and expert developers. Zend Framework is an assortment of professional PHP packages with over 200 million installations. Recommended by a wide community of developers, it is one of the most advanced PHP frameworks in the market.

In addition, the framework can be extended utilizing a lot of add-ons. It is also straightforward to learn and easy to install, as it requires only a web server and a copy of the framework. Web frameworks have turned into an important element of internet development, as the measures of internet apps are continuously improving, so does the technology. It is very important to pick a suitable web development framework so as to ensure much better website productivity and success in the next few years.

PHP - The best server side scripting language2

The framework is extraordinarily employed by developers who aim to create RESTful APIs and solutions. It is flexible and the latest version of Selenium web driver runs flawlessly across all the major browsers. It is also quite useful to create email templates and websites.

It is not difficult to learn the framework and is quite beneficial to create complex mobile apps. If so, then employing a PHP Framework would befit your undertaking. When it has to do with the very best PHP framework for website development, there are seven principal frameworks to look at.

The framework can readily be used without letting the operation of the website being hampered. CodeIgniter framework is the best option if you’re searching for a lightweight and easy framework. The framework may be used for any sort of internet application from small to large. however, it’s more suitable for web applications that are required to manage complex RESTful API.

Read More:

Aside from a suitable comprehension and development experience using PHP, you’re going to need Just as with other test automation frameworks meant for unit testing, PHPUnit can help you in creating a code that performs well and is simple to keep.

The framework is very well documented, and it’s a superior option for beginners. It is derived from PHPUnit and has the ability to manage Functional, Unit as well as Acceptance testing of a web application. Rather than reinventing the wheel each moment, it’s considerably more convenient to use popular frameworks with a lot of functions and options. Responsive HTML5 frameworks prove to be helpful for the maturation of a front-end site.

Like many frameworks, it’s not fit for certain forms of applications. If you’re thinking about creating a web application using PHP, you’ll also need among the ideal PHP frameworks in 2019 for testing of your application. With Slim, you may make simple but effective web applications and APIs.