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Top Gatsby Sites Which Shows The Power Of Static Sites.

Top Gatsby Sites Which Shows The Power Of Static Sites.

Top Gatsby Sites Which Shows The Power Of Static Sites.



Gatsby Js is a Static Site Generator used for creating blazing fast modern Static Sites and Web Apps. Gatsby is based on React.Js. Gatsby makes use of GraphQL, React, Webpack and other front-end tools to make your Static Site looks more unique than other websites.

Gatsby supports Server-Side Rendering which makes your site SEO friendly and I saw many awesome features until I try it my self. Some of them are blazing fast loading, code splitting, asset compressing, etc…

The website that you built using Gatsby can be deployed in any web hosting services like GitHub Pages, Gitlab, Firebase, etc.. No need to install any server-side software to run a Static Website, A web server with Apache or Nginx is necessary to run your Static Site.

What is Static Site Generator:

Top Gatsby Sites Which Shows The Power Of Static Sites.

If you are tired of using Dynamic websites, Static Site Generators are the best choice for you or for your online brand. You can build an online Store, Blog, E-Commerce or any other website using Static Site Generators. Static Site Generators makes your Site more secure, blazing fast, Responsive and Search Engine Optimized.

Unlike websites like WordPress, Jamoola which rely on database and server-side scripting, Static Sites doesn’t require any back-end programming. In dynamic websites when a user enters a website, the request sent to the server which processed using back-end technology and the output sent to the user. This process takes some milliseconds, but if the website having huge number of visitors which sends huge requests to server which slow down server. This makes your webpage time to load.

Whereas in Static Site Generator which doesn’t require database or server-side programming, for every request you make the data is rendered to the user in the browser using ReactJS or AngularJS Technologies. Static Sites are going to rule internet and most of the sites will be powered by Static Sites because of its features. You can get started using Static Site CMS to build your online brand.

Features Of Gatsby:

  • Community Members: Gatsby has a number of contributors and developers. As of March 2019, there are over 1800 developers who use Gatsby to build a personal or commercial website.
  • Templates: There are plenty of themes, templates or starters to get started with. There are various categories of Starters for your brand. You can start a blog, business website or E-Commerce store with a lot of Starters.
  • Plugins: Gatsby provides Plugin Library to extend your site. There are lot of plugins available for Gatsby to add extra features such as SEO, Sitemap generation, RSS feed, Responsive Images, etc…
  • Performance: When compared to other Static Site Generators, Gatsby is leading static site generator because of its great features, awesome support from developers and contributors.
  • Unique Design: Websites built using Gatsby are most unique and to get started with Gatsby, they provide lot of unique Starters for your brand.
  • Docs And Tutorials: Gatsby provides Codex, Docs, Tutorials, Guides with updated content which helps a beginner to design his website like a pro.

Why should you choose Gatsby?

Gatsby is specially designed for speed and sites built on Gatsby are faster than any other websites on the internet. If you are starting an E-Commerce website, page speed is the main factor which generates sales. If your webpage takes long time to load which makes your users frustrate and he may close your website. So, if you are starting an E-Commerce website Gatsby is the first option for your brand.

GatSbyJs gaining more popularity with huge number of community developers. So, you are not the one going to start a website using GatsbyJs. There are many developers in HashNode or in official Gatsby community pages who are going to help you if you have any problem.

The following Static Sites will show you the power of Gatsby (Showcase):

With Gatsby, It’s easy to create beautiful websites and many agencies, developers trust Gatsby for their online brand. Some of the top Static Sites built on Gatsby.


Top Gatsby Sites Which Shows The Power Of Static Sites1

The official website of React.Js is built on Gatsby which shows the power of GatsbyJS. React.js JavaScript library for building user interfaces and can be used to develop single page applications or mobile applications.

Top Gatsby Sites Which Shows The Power Of Static Sites2

GatsbyJs official website built on Gatsby.


Top Gatsby Sites Which Shows The Power Of Static Sites3

CodeSandbox is an online code editor supports Vue.js, Angular, ReactJs, etc… With the help of Codesandbox, you can start Angular or Vue or React Js projects without any integrated development environment in your personal computer. You can deploy, build projects with CodeSandbox online.


Top Gatsby Sites Which Shows The Power Of Static Sites4

While seeing SeoMonitor, you will come to know the power of Gatsby. Instead of using a dynamic website, GatsbyJs – static site generator provides you blazing fast, responsive, highly secured website. You can create a similar website using headless Cms and any cloud hosting service. SeoMonitor is an online premium SEO Service provides for companies and Agencies.


Top Gatsby Sites Which Shows The Power Of Static Sites.

If you are going to start an E-Commerce website and still so curious about knowing the power of GatsbyJs, Flamingo will show you the power of Static Site Generators. Flamingo is an Online shop for women’s body care and hair removal products. UX/UI of flamingo will blow your mind and shows the power of Gatsby.

Unreal C++

Top Gatsby Sites Which Shows The Power Of Static Sites7

Are you tired of using WordPress, Blogger or any other content management systems for your Blog? You want to see the power of Gatsby Static Site Generator. Check out Unreal C++ website and you will fell in love with Gatsby. Unreal C++ is search engine optimized, responsive and designed for speed in mind. Unreal C++ provides latest tutorials about Unreal Engine. It is a great website to learn Unreal Engine programming.


There are thousands of websites, blogs, E-Commerce websites built on GatsbyJs and if you want to check all of these visit Gatsby Showcase and if you have a website generated using Gatsby, you can submit your website to list at Gatsby showcase here. Please note that we are not affliated to above websites and we are showing them on our own interest.

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