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Best Static Site CMS Of 2019 Will Blow Your Mind

Best Static Site CMS Of 2019 Will Blow Your Mind


Content Management System (CMS):

A Content Management System or CMS is a web application allows you to dynamically add or remove and publish content. There are many popular CMS Frameworks on the internet which are built on PHP and MySQL, Python, etc…

These popular CMS require server-side programming in which all the data stored in the Database. There are many popular CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc… which are built using server-side programming and it requires a database to store information.

Are you tired of using WordPress or any other CMS frameworks, Then you must try out Static Site CMS. Static Site Generators are gaining popularity among theme days and Static Sites are going to rule the internet in the future. Web Developers are attained to Static Site Generators as they are more secure than any other framework and they are 2 times faster than a dynamic website.

What is a Static Site:

Static Site are the basic website which was created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Unlike sites like WordPress, they didn’t require server-side programming and a database to store data. Static Sites are not just limited for landing page but with the help of Static Site Generators, we can create an awesome online store, E-Commercial website, blog, etc…

The main thing in Static Sites are they don’t require any server-side programming environment to be installed. A server with Http server and able to run HTML files. These Static sites can be hosted on GitHub Pages, Gitlab Pages.

Best Static Site CMS:

Static Site CMS is the updated version of Static Sites which are generated using some popular Static Site Generators which makes you edit, change, delete and publish content in real-time. This is very helpful for non-technical users to make use of Static Site CMS.

Static Site CMS looks as same as WordPress or any other websites which require server-side programming. Static Site CMS are Search Engine Friendly, Responsive and most of CMS are designed with Material Design.


Best Static Site CMS Of 2019 Will Blow Your Mind1

Publii is a responsive multi-purpose CMS which will be a great choice for Blogs, portfolios and company websites. Publii is an open source project available on GitHub. The website designed with Material Desing with an awesome user interface. The dashboard is simple to work with and a non-technical person also can able to handle without any guidelines.

The application based on Vue.Js and it works without an internet connection. After changes have been made, with a single click the website will be synced to selected hosting. Publii is available for Windows and Mac OS with GUI which makes you build a website fast, safe and most secure manner.

Publii is designed for Speed, responsive and Search Engine Friendly.  It does have a feature to easily migrate a WordPress website to Publii.

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Netlify CMS:

Best Static Site CMS Of 2019 Will Blow Your Mind2

Netlify CMS is one of the best Static Site CMS for Static Site Generators with clean UI and best interface. Netlify CMS is a web-based app that works with real-time editors such as Live Preview, Drag N Drop and many other features.

To get started with Netlift CMS you need to install in your hosting and then accessing the CMS dashboard using /admin. With login details authentication you can log in to Netlift dashboard. It works with most common Static Site Generators and they have plenty of templates to start a website.

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SiteLeaf is one of the best Blog, Business Static Site CMS used for Static Site Generator with clean admin dashboard. SiteLeaf help developers to add, delete update web content with live preview mode.

Any changes made in your dashboard synced to your hosting. You can host your Static Site in GitHub pages or Gitlab Pages. SiteLeaf provides plenty of themes to get started with and theme changes also reflect in your Static Site.

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Best Static Site CMS Of 2019 Will Blow Your Mind5

Forestry is another best Static Site CMS which is widely used for blogs, business pages. Forestry is available Jekyll, Hugo or VuePress site. Forestry provides best and clean UI. A beginner can able to handle without technical knowledge.

The developer can able to access Forestry in using credentials. The admin dashboard is so powerful interface with many features.

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Best Static Site CMS Of 2019 Will Blow Your Mind10

Vapid is intentionally simple Static Site CMS built for most of the best Static Site Generators. Vapid helps you to change content dynamically according to your need with live preview. With no technical knowledge, you can create a Static website at no time.

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If you are going to start a website in 2019, WordPress is not only an option. There are many other best Static Site CMS which are highly secured than PHP and they are 2 times faster than normal websites. There are number of CMS available which are built using PHP but here in this article you can get the best of Static Site CMS available on the internet.

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